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About Amy Delcambre

Why Me and Why This Book?

Amy’s writing career began in the late ’80s when, as a young child, when she’d make up stories while her mother shopped at Marshall’s directing her younger brother in and out of clothes racks–these were presumably very complex plots. By 2015, Amy was working as a freelance travel and content marketing writer for Compass Media and Madden Media. She covered multiple exciting locations and events across the Southeast including Taste of Atlanta and the Seaside Half Marathon Taste of the Race hosted by Emeril Lagasse.

The same year, Amy wrote the copy for the annual Visit Mobile (2016) and Visit Orange Beach and Gulf Shores (2016) travel guides. She wrote the Visit Mobile copy for the subsequent year (2017). As a lifelong Mobilian, Amy was surprised at how much she didn’t already know about the City of Mobile–for example, the story of the Clotilda was first learned through this research.

By 2019, Amy was serving as the President of the Mobile Writer’s Guild, and when Reedy Press, a travel guide publishing company, reached out in 2021 for writers interested in creating a book about Mobile, Amy responded. Given her choice of guides, Amy chose the Secret series having fallen in love with quirky, dark, dirty secrets during a walking tour in New Orleans in 2011.

Amy recognized the book’s format as a fantastic platform for promoting local businesses. Each story in the full-color, heavily-researched book is packed with interesting facts and stories Amy unearthed throughout the writing process. Amy structured the book to tell a story–of sorts–starting with Mobile’s beginnings and carrying through to modern day. Secret Mobile was published in October 2022.

Click here to buy a copy of Secret Mobile: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure.

Amy Delcambre with Susan Benton of 30A Eats, Joe Spector, owner of The Local Palate, renowned celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, Molly Carter, the Destin Duchess, and Amy Delcambre, author of Secret Mobile and owner of Traveling with Stories (Travel Stories Media, LLC), February 2015

Amy & family (Sean, L, and Jude) with Top Chef Season 10 winner Kristen Kish at Taste of Atlanta, 2014

Amy with Food Network Next Food Network Star‘s Tregaye Fraser at Taste of Atlanta with her first rainbow baby, 2016

Author Bio

Amy Delcambre is a writer, editor, and photographer from Mobile, Alabama. She earned her BA in English lit (2005) and her MA in creative writing (2009) from the University of South Alabama. She later earned a MPS in publishing from George Washington University in 2019.

Amy has served as president of the Mobile Writers Guild since 2019 and is a frequent contributor to the MWG literary anthology. She has been writing professionally as a travel writer, content marketer, and editor since 2008. Presently, she is a developmental editor with GracePoint Publishing and is a freelancer with Lumina Datamatics. Amy is also working on her first novel following interest from a literary agent in her concept. She also regularly(ish) posts nonfiction articles on her Substack, Surthrival.

One a personal level and speaking of surthival, Amy is a mother to four incredible children–three daughters and one angel son. She and her husband Sean were parted on August 5, 2019 due to cancer caused by well-documented chemical poisoning by the US Air Force in the 403rd at Keelser AFB.

Presently, Amy is in a committed partnership with a Mobile Fire and Rescue Department firefighter and enjoys yoga, paddleboarding, painting, writing (obviously), and cleaning her house with wishful thinking, which subsequently doesn’t work.

If you’d like Amy and her children and / or infinitely more charismatic partner to attend an event or meet you to cover an event, please contact her at

Amy and Sean on the day they eloped, December 27, 2010

Sean & Amy Delcambre, “secret” wedding day (we eloped), December 27, 2010

Sean, Amy, and their three magical daughters, January 2019

Sean with our beloved son, Jude, on his birth and death day, December 26, 2014

Amy with partner Bucky Hicks at event in Spring 2023

Amy with partner Bucky Hicks at Secret Mobile (by Amy Delcambre) & 100 Things to Do in Mobile Before You Die (by Jodie Cain Smith) at the Ice Box Bar joint launch party in Fall 2022