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Secret Mobile: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure


Secret Mobile: A guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

Secret Mobile is a full-color travel and local interest guide guaranteed to reveal new and exciting information about the historic, flavorful city that is Mobile to locals and visitors alike. Let this book of 85 short, well-researched stories told in a uniquely entertaining fashion be your guide as you discover what makes Mobile a truly weird, wonderful, and obscure Southern city!

Table of Contents

  1. Massacre Island
  2. The Serpents of Bienville
  3. The Man with the Iron Hand
  4. Flight of the Pelican Girls
  5. If you Gumbo, You Gumbo
  6. The Way We Were
  7. Pretty in Pink
  8. Burn, Baby Burn
  9. Rise Like a Phoenix
  10. A Mighty Oak
  11. Southern History Market
  12. Stepping Back in Time
  13. It Was All Yellow
  14. Take Me to Church
  15. Health Resort Hill
  16. Gangster’s Paradise, Maybe?
  17. Living History in AfricaTown
  18. Hoodoo You Do?
  19. Cruising Through History
  20. The Endangered Fort
  21. Damn the Torpedoes!
  22. Mobile’s Biggest Boom-Boom
  23. Oh, Deer!
  24. The Unreconstructed Rebel
  25. Joe Cain & The People’s Walking Parade
  26. Making Widows Merry
  27. Exploring New Traditions
  28. Oh Baby Cakes (And the Next One’s One You)
  29. MoonPie Over Mobile
  30. And the Beat Goes On
  31. All That Jazz
  32. Prohibited Port City Imports
  33. Walk Softly, Speak Easy
  34. The Malaga Inn
  35. Right Up Automotive Alley
  36. Swinging for the Fences
  37. The Battle House Bride
  38. Haunted House in De Tonti
  39. Pirate’s Honey
  40. Taste of Heaven
  41. It’s Good to be Greek
  42. Middle Bay Moo House
  43. Hermit of Goat Island
  44. Plane Crazy
  45. The Mighty A
  46. The Cannon
  47. Flower Power
  48. 21st Century Theatre
  49. The Show Must Go On
  50. Meal Fit for a King
  51. Cookie Cutter House
  52. Cheeseburger in Paradise
  53. Renaissance Man
  54. The Haunted Book Shop
  55. The Bakery
  56. Crystal Ice Factory
  57. Dig into the Garage
  58. Curious Coffee Culture
  59. Follow the Oyster Trail
  60. West Indies Salad
  61. Jubilee by the Sea
  62. America’s Amazon
  63. Blessing of the Fleet
  64. Pretty Fly Place
  65. We Are the Raniest
  66. See You Later, Alligator!
  67. Estuarium Deep Dive
  68. Doggie Paddle
  69. Hip, Hip Hippie Beach
  70. SUP Y’all?
  71. Game, Set, Match
  72. Vaulting about Town
  73. Urban Wilderness
  74. Secret Garden City
  75. Pirate’s Pool
  76. Where Da’ Gold At?
  77. That’s Just Nuts
  78. Film, Forrest, Film!
  79. See Art, Walk
  80. Folks Bond at the Pond
  81. Cedar Street Social Club
  82. One Stop Global Shop
  83. Sweet Innovations, Alabama
  84. Who Dunnit?
  85. Glow Ride

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Local store owners (or not local, I mean, I’m not picky), if you’re interested in carrying Secret Mobile in your store, please contact Reedy Press. For your convenience, sell sheet information is below. I’m available for author signings for any Secret Mobile carriers. Please contact to book author signings.

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